AQHayon Bathtub Design

If you love to take your batch amidst a luxurious and elegant setting that matches the sumptuous d├ęcor of your bathroom, you should definitely get the exquisitely designed AQHayon Bathtub for yourself. Available in gold, black and platinum colors, this bathtub costs $7479, and comes with a wide range of ceramic accessories that you can use to give it a customized look.

AQHayon Bathtub

The AQHayon Bathtub is made up of MDF structure and acrylic, not to mention the ceramic accessories, and has an overall dimension of 80.5″W x 39.25″L x 20″H. This bathtub also has an automatically overflowing siphon and comes with a leg set having adjustable screws underneath. So, if you wish to unwind in style at the end of a stressful day by getting soaked in your bathtub, nothing is likely to beat the AQHayon Bathtub.

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