A Cook Book for Storing Knifes and Chopping Board

The two most important things in the kitchen every woman needs are a chopping board and a set of fine knives. These two things are simply indispensable and nothing can ever replace them. But often storing the knives and the chopping board becomes a problem because no matter what you do, storing them together is never possible. But with Arianna Vivenzio’s new design, Book Cook, you needn’t worry about their storage anymore.

A Book Cook is basically a clever design which incorporates storage for knives, a chopping board and a recipe book, all together in one place. Shaped like a big book, it is made out of solid Beech wood and has a very mild beige color. When the book is opened, it turns into a chopping board of substantial width which is then ready to use. Inside the folded chopping board is the recipe book which you can use to write and store your favorite recipes and between the pages of that book the knives can be wedged inside easily. To clasp them tightly together, a rubber belt is provided which can be wrapped around the book to secure the knives and recipe book safely inside.

Book Cook

Though the Book Cook may seem like a very useful thing to have around its weaknesses are its biggest disadvantages. The problem with its design is the fact that there is no specific space for storing the knives in the Book Cook and they just have to be wedged inside the pages of the recipe book. Also since they have to be stored between the pages, it has to be made sure they are always dry and washed whenever they are inserted inside so that they don’t ruin the pages of the recipe book. This can be a problem especially if you are in a hurry.

All said and done the concept of a book that can be used as a chopping board and storage space for knives is a great idea but the design itself leaves a lot to be desired. Many changes in the design must be brought about in order to make it useful for the woman of today.

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