The Autonomous Saucier is a Must Have Gadget for any Geek Kitchen

Modern life is geeky in more than one way, one just have to step in to any kitchen to see number of gadgets which make cooking easier.  But still one has to face the fire and burn fingers in order to stir up quick healthy and tasty meal because food processors, microwaves can never churn out yummy homemade stuff like sauce for instance. Well geeks have given thought to this and have designed The Autonomous Saucier which constantly automatically stirs sauces and saves valuable time.

autonomous saucier1

The concept and design of Saucier is unique for this is first time a three legged device will do constant stirring while sauce is on fire and the silicone rubber feet on three stainless steel legs will ensure that everything blends and mixes without getting stuck or burnt.

autonomous saucier2

Isn’t this a dream device for your geek kitchen? You don’t have to sweat it out in front of fire for hours when other things on the menu need to be cooked. It can be used to stir sauces up to 4” deep and there are different settings for different consistencies of the sauce. This whole thing can be cleaned very easily since legs are removable and can be washed in dishwasher. This Saucier costs only $39.95 and it includes four AA batteries lasting for four hours.

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