Pivot Power: your new age power strip

If you have been facing problems while using your multiple electrical devices, here’s a power strip that can solve the problem.

power strip

The Pivot Power is a new age power strip, which has six outlets for devices that need over-sized electric plugs.

power strip-2

Unlike other traditional straight power bars where you get only one or two such plugs, the Pivot Power allows you to curve it and use all its 6 outlets. So, even when you want to plug in multiple, large adapters, this power strip can come to your aid.

power strip-3

Thanks to the flexibility of the Pivot Power, you can even bend it into semi-circular, circular or zig-zag shapes. Costing $25, this power strip comes with surge protection, and a button to easily reset / put off the device.

power strip-4

No wonder that this flexible, space saving device is poised to find many new takers when it goes into full fledged production.

power strip-5

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