Infectious Light: When Light Bulbs Influence Each other

Imagine being in a room lit with small empyrean lights all over and that too without the fuss of wires. It’s hard to imagine a room like that, isn’t it? With Julien Bergignat’s new design this idea is more tangible and a close reality. Very aptly called as the Infectious Light, this lighting system is unlike something that we have ever seen before and something that will change the way we illuminate our surroundings.

Made out of soft gelatinous silicon material, the light comes with several bulbs which when attached to one another can be used as a single lamp or when spread apart can be used as separate sources of small light bulbs.  The way these light bulbs function is exactly the reason for their name. These bulbs run through a battery and have the ability to sense each other when placed close by and light up in each other’s presence. Of these several bulbs, a couple of them are the “Mother” lights and the others are named as the “Baby” lights. The baby bulbs light up only when the mother lights are placed close to them or when the mother lights are somewhere in the vicinity. So when a mother light is close to a baby light it “infects” the baby light and hence enables it to light up in the same color as itself. Baby lights don’t necessarily have to be next to the mother light and if spread across the room will light up if the mother bulb is nearby.

Infectious Light 1

Infectious Light 2

Though the concept is a masterpiece in its own, Bergignat’s design did face the quandary of charging the lights and to overcome this problem a Luminous Tree was devised. The luminous tree basically allows the bulbs to be charged together with convenience and for that only one single charging unit is needed. The luminous tree looks like a lamp made out of several wires which when connected to an electrical output charge the bulbs together.

Infectious Light 3

Infectious Light 4

Winner of the IF Awards China, the Infectious Light is something that every homeowner will aspire to have. Its ethereal design not only makes this illuminating device an object of desire but the fact that it combines both good-looks with easy functionality makes it all the more fascinating. Needless to say that Julien Bergignat’s design is going to “infect” everyone with its charm and will go on to become a sensation.

Infectious Light 5

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