Peace of Cake Mold to Celebrate Peace and Life

Ever since the birth of human civilization peace has been most elusive dream for it has been human nature to engage in conflicts and war while yearning for peace. Here is Peace of Cake Mold for all those who want to work towards peace and seek more constructive pleasures rather than indulging in war games. Let us all bake awesome peace cakes and send it all war zones as a reminder of simple joys and pleasures which are getting lost.

peace of cake

Peace symbols and symbolism have evolved through time and they remind us to celebrate and protect the brighter side of fragile human life on earth. It is very easy to kill and destroy but more difficult to nurture. Kudos to the designers of this Peace of Cake Mold for giving peace a thought and spreading loving message in households through the cakes that get baked and shaped by this mold. The Peace of Cake mold is made of food grade silicone and is 9 inches in diameter and it costs $22.99.

In Modern times of individualism and fast life peace eludes homes too and happy families are rare to come by. Moreover with social networking modern geeks juggle virtual and real life which doesn’t leave any time for self or family. Peace Cakes baked with this mold will truly celebrate peace and our fragile lives. Not in a mood to make heavy peace statement with cakes? Well then celebrate with funny cute Hello Kitty Cakes and or this Geeky Tetris Cake.