View Quest Emma Bridgewater iPhone Dock Has Pretty Polka Dots and FM Radio

There’s an unexplained attraction most women have for polka dots, so anything that features this pattern should be an instant-buy. The View Quest Emma Bridgewater iPhone is a perfect example of that.

In the beginning, the polka dots pattern used to have equally sized and spaced filled circles, but modern times call for modern variations. The winner of a What Hi-FI? award, this iPhone/iPod dock doesn’t have only the looks, but also the technical specs for playing music loud and clear. View Quest teamed up with British designer Emma Bridgewater to make this polka dotted DAB+/FM radio with a built in dock for iPhones and iPods.

With a retro design and a 15 hour battery life, you can grab this iPhone dock with you and listen to music either on the DAB+/FM radio or on the iOS device not only when you’re working around the house, but even on picnics, if the weather is favorable. The Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot dock is actually inspired from View Quest’s award-winning Retro dock, and has all the signs of a well-built product. It comes in a real-leather case, and its body is made from premium real wood for quality acoustic sound.

Music is not the only thing this dock handles gracefully with its two 10W speakers. It also features dual alarms, so if you and your significant other need to wake up at different hours, each of you can have the dock give the signal using either the radio, the iPhone/iPod, or a buzzer.

Snooze and sleep timer functions are also included, along with AUX-in input, in case you want to connect an Android device or an MP3 player to the Polka Dot iPhone dock. Some docks don’t even have a display, but this one packs a LCD screen that shows what item is connected and what music is played.

The View Quest Emma Bridgewater iPhone dock is available in two versions, depending on the type of connector your iOS device has. If it’s a modern one, than you should pick the version that comes with a Lightning. The other one has a 30-pin connector that’s suitable for pre-iPhone 5 devices.

You can get the View Quest Emma Bridgewater iPhone/iPod dock for £129.99 (the equivalent of approximately $205) on IWOOT or Amazon UK. Bear in mind that the dock comes with UK and EU mains adapter, so you might have to buy another plug, depending on where you live.

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