The Bicycle Chain Lamp Lights Up Your Table

A bicycle without its chain is not a bicycle. But the chain is not limited to a bicycle. Its structure and function have allowed designers to put it to a number of other uses. In fact these are areas which are not related to a bicycle in any way.

For example, one of the recent entrants in the list is the ‘B-Chain Lamp’ by Korean designer Cho Hyung Suk.

The B-Chain Lamp is a table lamp that functions like any other of its kind. It has a base and a lamp shade with a leg in between. Like many other table lamps this lamp too can allow adjustments in height. So what is so unique about this B-Chain Lamp? Take a look at its leg. It is made from a part of a bicycle chain.

The chain is one of a bicycle’s most important parts. It is this part that facilitates the movement of the vehicle. Without it, no matter how hard you pedal, the bike will not move – not even an inch, from its place. This is so because the chain is made up of numerous interlocking units. When one part moves, it forces the other to move. Since it is in the form of a circular chain, the entire unit starts to go round and round in one place forcing the rear wheel to move, which in turn forces the front one to move.

Cho Hyung Suk has made use of this interlocking functionality of the chain. There are four single modules with eight joints in all that comprise this lamp’s leg. Stainless steel nuts and bolts have been used to fasten all the joints. The eight joints grant great amount of flexibility to this lamp allowing it to be positioned at various heights and orientations. As a user you can also add additional modules to the lamp’s leg or take away some to get a different height. What you have over here is a super flexible lamp shade that can be adjusted for every seating position.

As of now, Cho Hyung Suk has made only two variants of the B-Chain Lamp – red and white. The basic color remains the same but the color of the wire, nuts, and bolts vary. The red lamp has a red wire and bold red bolts, while the white one has a white wire and steel bolts. The size of the lamp is 230x170x220mm and gives a very stylish appearance. It is a designer product that you would definitely appreciate your table top.

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Via: Yanko Design