Transparent Aqua Touchscreen Mobile Phone Is Surreal and Futuristic

Imagine holding a surreal water-based touchscreen mobile phone which lets you see through it. South Korean designer Bon Seop Ku has created this awesome concept design where the usual solid metallic cellphone simply transcends into a liquid state transparent Samsung “AQUA”. Apparently, the designer was inspired by water drawing on a table.

aqua phone concept design1

This cellphone design is extremely futuristic and realistic too; but one cannot deny the awesome surreal aspect of it. Just like Salvador Dali’s clock, the cell looks fluid and soluble.

aqua phone concept design2

Bon Seop Ku has created “AQUA” for Samsung, and going by the concept, it has a transparent body, graphic user interface, and AMOLED display. The water-based touchscreen simply enhances the fluid experience and apparently, one can remove icons by simply rubbing them off the display by hands.

aqua phone concept design3

The mobile phone is ultra thin and runs on eco-friendly liquid battery. So overall in every aspect, AQUA is a highly fluid concept. Kudos to the designer for coming up with an artistic, delicate, and surreal idea.

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Via: The Design Blog