BackFlip iPhone Case with Kickstand

If you have been looking for a stand that allows your iPhone 3GS and  3G to stay in either horizontal or vertical mode, here’s the solution in the form of BackFlip iPhone Case with kickstand. Coming from the team of Evolution Designs, this BackFlip iPhone Case comes with a kickstand that’s integrated in the design.


However, you don’t need to worry about the gadget becoming too big to carry as the kickstand can be brought back to set in the case easily, thereby letting you slip the gadget into your purse or pocket. So, flipping up your iPhone now becomes easy with this kickstand, irrespective of wherever you go.


What’s more – you can now watch an entire movie on the plane without causing pain to your fingers as you no longer need to hold your iPhone for the whole duration, thanks to the iPhone Kickstand. You may even text messages to friends and family or just find out who the caller is without lifting up the phone that sits pretty on your desk – supported well by the kickstand. You can also surprise your friends or impress colleagues by showing them an unplanned auto play slide show while you savor the delicious cuisine merrily.


So, buy this BackFlip iPhone Case with kickstand at $29.95 now and enjoy seeing how your applications wow people around you by assuming a completely new life.

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