The Sojourner Keyboard Seems Like a Timeless Antique Piece

A single glance is enough for anyone to travel back to ancient times when anything royal used to be elegantly hand crafted in metal and leather.  No, “Sojourner” keyboard is not an antique piece it is very much a modern functional keyboard but with a royal ancient feel to it. It seems to be the forte of Datamancer to make such custom made expensive keyboards in brass and leather for the aesthetically inclined.

sojourner keyboard1

There is no doubt that these expensive keyboards belong to modern art and antique collectors who like the ancient look and are very geeky at the same time.  The Sojourner keyboard truly seems to have traveled much in space and time before arriving here. It is inspired by ancient times and ancient craft which involves individual painstaking effort to create a singular elegant piece but it is a most modern computer accessory too. The entire design including electroplated brass keys, aged leather faceplate, parchment key inserts with old style fonts connects back to old times. This one is a rare piece to own which binds ancient times with modernity though highly expensive but for collectors’ price is never an issue. Imagine geeks working or playing modern games on such an antique keyboard, doesn’t it feel extremely surreal?

sojourner keyboard3

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sojourner keyboard2