Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design: Wrist Candy

If you’re tired of that old watch and you’re just craving for a switch, boy, do I have the watch for you. The Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design, as the name suggests looks exactly like a bracelet or some funky piece of jewelry, but it’s also a gorgeous never before seen watch!Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design Wrist Candy. 2

The Tokyoflash Product Design Studio has designed a watch that is unlike any watch you have ever dreamed of owning. The Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design comes in a variety of funky colors, has a metallic bracelet in place of the strap which means that you will never have to worry about re-adjusting that strap. This watch is not only a unisex fashion friendly design, but since it has such a futuristic vision, there can be no doubt that this will never go out of fashion.

Telling time while using this watch is hard, challenging, and requires that you exercise those grey cells. ‘Hours’ are placed in the upper half of the display with square blocks as indicators, while ‘minutes’ are placed in the lower half of the display with circles as indicators. Both obviously move clockwise, while the circles in the center of the upper half indicate single minutes (1-4) while AM and PM is indicated in the square in the middle of the lower half of the display.

Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design Wrist Candy.

When this watch graces the world with its presence, don’t hesitate to buy one because I think it’s ‘time’ to choose the time piece that makes you think. Don’t you?

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via: Tokyoflash