Closet Ionic Air Purifier

There are times when you want a purifier that could actually make the odor go away. Unfortunately, you don’t get such purifiers easily, which is pretty disturbing. But, here is the good news. This Iconic Air Purifier makes the odor go away, and at the same time, makes your clothes smell fresh and good.

If you are wondering whether it’s possible, then I suggest you read the whole post, which describes how exactly the purifier works.

How does it work?

This purifier is equipped with the Plasma breeze ionic technology. Now, this technology is capable of not only eliminating odor, but it also neutralizes and sanitizes the air. It doesn’t even make your clothes smell all flowery. You get a nice fresh smell from your clothes as soon as you come close to them.

The purifier is small (Length 8.5 inches x Width 3.25 inches x Height 12 inches) and weighs around 2 lbs. The purifier can be easily fitted on your closet’s rod and anywhere else where you can find the appropriate place. Besides, it looks good too. I know the looks here don’t really count, but having such a thing in your closet would really make a difference when it comes to the appearance and neatness. This purifier is ideal for small bathrooms, closets, or even rooms.

Here are some more positive attributes of this purifier:

– It can circulate fresh air

– It is compact, lightweight, and stylish

– The motor is noiseless which is quite a relief. It won’t bug you with the noise.

– It can kill effluvium and mold easily

– The filters are pretty easy to clean

– It is an energy saving device which utilizes only 2W so it won’t be an addition to your bills

– It runs on batteries as well as on electricity

– It uses an AC UL adapter, which you get with the package

The purifier is available for <$39.99
icon, which is a pretty reasonable price compared to the functions it performs. If you are someone who wants that odor to go away from your bathroom or closet, then this one is for you!

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