This Color Changing Light Bulb is Cool!

This LED color changing light bulb comes with a wireless remote, and you can actually locate the bulb in any standard incandescent socket. Isn’t that cool?

I mean we all are bored with those one-colored LED bulbs, and there are times when we want a change in our lives. Some of us are totally the party type, and you know how important it is to have the lights according to the theme. With this color changing light bulb, you can actually adjust the lights with the theme. Imagine it’s a birthday party, you can easily put on the pink light; and when it’s a Halloween party, you can switch it to red or blue, whichever color you like. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Well, if you still don’t think it’s cool, then read more about it. This bulb is capable of emitting red, green, blue, and white lights and effects; and also has 12 more bright colors. Moreover, it is an LED bulb which means you will be cutting down on your electricity bills. Still not satisfied? How about I say that this color changing light bulb only uses 3 watts of energy? Now, you are all surprised and you should be because this is really something which can save loads of your hard earned money.

This bulb can actually be a great addition to your indoor lighting system or your stairway lights or anywhere else. Maybe on your wedding day when you take the bride through the hallway, you can tell your best man to keep changing the lights to make it more amusing for her and you. Now, that would be utterly romantic!

Here are some of the basic features of the bulb:

– It can fit into any standard socket.

– It is controlled by a wireless remote, so you won’t need to stand on the stool every now and then to change the color like you do with most of such bulbs.

– Has different lightning modes such as Flash, Fade, Smooth, and Strobe.

– Has nearly 15 colors with different effects.

If all that sounds good to you, then here is the best part – the bulb is available at a price of $17.98. If you want it, then go ahead and grab it before someone else does!

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