Multipurpose Eco-friendly Candle Bags

Plastic bags are fast becoming every environment lover’s arch enemy. Not only are they unsightly when thrown carelessly on the roads, but are also threats to the environment because of their non-biodegradable nature.

Often we get hoards of plastic bags when we shop and most of the time we don’t know what to do with them. But now that is going to change with the new Candle Bags, which are more beautiful and environment friendly alternative to the devious plastic bags. And the good news is that besides using these bags for the usual storage purpose, you can use them for decorative function as well.

Made of Flame-Retardant biodegradable paper, these bags serve more than a single purpose. In the daylight these candle bags may seem very run-of-the-mill paper bag with the perforated cut-design as the only distinctness. But as night falls they transform into heavenly shimmering lights which can brighten the dullest of places and hearts. While going out shopping you can carry them with you to store your purchases in it. And even if the bag tears apart or is not useful anymore, throwing it away is not going to be a guilty affair anymore because they are environment friendly.

After they fulfill their role of storage bags, they can be used to light your rooms and decorate spaces around. You just need to place a small tea-light into the bag and when the light perforates through the cut-design, it feels and looks quite breathtaking. Since the bags are made of flame-retardant paper, they resist and inhibit the spread of fire which makes them a safer option than the normal paper bags. Also unlike regular lanterns and lights, you don’t have to hunt for places to stow these bags as you only need to fold them and place them in cupboards and drawers.

The Candle-Bags are for use only in the outdoors and they come in a pack of five – each costing £4.99. Though they are made of flame-retardant material, some things still should be kept in mind while using them. Leaving them unattended with children and pets can be hazardous. It should always be made sure that these bags are not placed near or above any flammable material.

Candle-Bags are a treat for both the environment and the eyes. There are very few things in the world which are beneficial to both humans and nature, and this beautiful creation is one of them. So the next time when you are off shopping with these candle-bags in tow, remember you’re doing Mother Nature one huge favor.

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