Dot LED Bracelet Watch for Chic Geeks

Wrist watches have been important accessories for ages yet most modern stylish chic geeks prefer to wear bracelets or elegant ornaments instead because they already have gadgets like cellphone or iPhone to keep track of time.  Here is Dot LED Bracelet Watch which will serve more than one purpose to the geeky chic for it is a watch that is stylish, elegant, and very contemporary in looks.

dot led bracelet watch1

Dot LED Bracelet Watch is designed by Damian Kozlik from Poland. The bracelet is essentially a black perforated casing to house the LED display and the controls.  It looks very trendy and can be worn to any place and on any occasion.

dot led bracelet watch2

This seems to be very light, easy-to-wear wristband but it does look like a sophisticated fashion geeky accessory. Modern gadgets like cellphone, laptop, iPod, and iPhone are becoming more of fashion accessories and good old fashionable bracelets are carrying embedded watches.

dot led bracelet watch3

dot led bracelet watch4

Earlier, we have seen stylish geeky watches like The  USB Watch or Denshoku Tokyoflash Watch. But this is the first instance where a designer has turned a simple bracelet (wristband) into an LED watch or is it the other way around? Whatever it is, this is an awesome design and I hope it will become available soon.

Via The Design Blog