Denshoku Tokyoflash Watch: a Stylist Wristwatch

If you want to own a wrist wear that offers you a balanced blend of materials belonging to superior quality, intuitive design and advanced technology, the Denshoku Kisai watches inspired by Shinjuku’s neon skyline would be your ideal solution.


The Denshoku has orange acrylic bars, twelve in number, which showcase the time in a simple format that you can read easily. When you want it to display the time, simply press the button. This will scatter the LEDs behind the acrylic, and the bars will get illuminated three times. Hours are displayed at first, followed by groups of ten minutes, which in turn is followed by single minutes. If you wish to speed up the movement, you can press the button again.


Fit for wrist size up to 220 mm (approx), the Denshoku weighs 95 grams and has case dimensions of 26 mm x 43 mm x 9 mm. If you are wondering what lies behind the name of this watch, you would do well to know that in Japanese, Denshoku refers to illumination.

So, gear up to wear your own style on your wrist with the Denshoku for only $235. You can also check out some other cool watch designs by taking a look at the USB watch and the Philip Stein Fruitz watches.

Via: Tokyoflash