Milk Bottle Lamp Designs: Exclusive Second Life for Glass Bottles

Art is known to derive inspiration from just anything and since it is subjective, you can’t slap the argument of rationality in its face. But yet, I would still ask could ever imagine discarded milk bottles could be turned into pretty innovative lighting accessories? Well, to everybody’s awe, the answer is Milk Bottle Lamp, a cluster ceiling lights those scores on both innovation and environment consciousness.



Here, the set up is created by populating any corner of the room with 12 standard milk bottles. This isn’t something that comes with “do-it-by-yourself” kit, you got to have professional folks to help you install this. Recycling is one of the acceptable and conventionally followed ways to deal with glass, but this is something that you don’t stumble upon every day.  The price tag of $1,699 does make this a pricey affair.  If I was to consider downsizing, I would try to figure out a way to myself fix lights inside the bottles, paint them and make customized sets for each of my rooms, like red lights for yellow painted walls.

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