Recycled Keyboard Clutch Purse for Green Geek Chic

Being geek can weigh a lot on green conscience because of carbon footprints one leaves by consuming electric power for all the modern gadgetry and worse is most of electronic stuff one uses are non-biodegradable. But thankfully there are ways to go green by recycling and buying recycled products without compromising on style and statement. Green geek chic will simply love this Recycled Keyboard Clutch Purse which can match with any formal or casual black dress.

recycled keyboard clutch purse

Climate change and global warming will debate will go on but do we need a reason to use resources wisely and minimize on e-waste? If all the junk can be recycled so beautifully like this Keyboard Clutch Purse then why not go for stylish elegant recycled geek accessories which in fact go beyond style statement? They make a statement of your awareness about the pressing need to save the environment for the future.

Kudos to the designer for creating cool Keyboard Clutch Purse using discarded computer black keyboards. It measures 6 inches by 9 inches and will cost $39.99. It can be excellent eco friendly gift for geeky chic friends who will love the feel of keyboard in hand even when they are away from the system. Also take a look at couple of other cool green accessories like Recycled Can Tabs Puff Clutch and Solar Powered Bag.