Recycled Can Tabs Stylish Puff Clutch

Well, recycling is in vogue even in fashion. Eco friendly and recycled accessories have become trendy fashion statements. Here is a Puff Clutch by Escama which has been created from discarded pull tabs of soda cans. It is so stylish that one needs to look closely to realize that it has been made out of pull tabs.

recycled soda can tabs puff clutch

The whole metallic look, texture and the slivery wrist strap makes this Puff Clutch quite a trendy accessory too. The pull tabs have been crocheted neatly and there is a silk fabric lining inside. The purse is big enough to hold small essential things of daily needs if one is traveling. This Puff Clutch is yet another Brazilian creation and can be bought for $60. This can be a nice crafty gift item too. When clutched in hand it looks very sleek and stylish.

One must make a green pledge and use only recycled eco-friendly products to save further damage and global warming. But unfortunately not many are willing to sacrifice style for any cause. And if eco-friendly products turn out to be such stylish recycled stuff then surely many geeks will switch over happily. Check out another eco-friendly accessory – Solar Powered Bag. More designers should come up with such ecofriendly trendy stuff.

Via Toxiferous