The Dog Lamp: Your Best Friend

For all the dog lovers who couldn’t afford to have dogs or didn’t keep one for various reasons, there is a chance to rejoice.

Now, you can finally own a dog that never barks, never bites but does light up your life. Quite literally. Brainchild of Chaiyut Plypetch, the Dog Lamp is made of plastic and metal and is shaped just like a dog with four legs and one big head shaped like a lamp shade.

Available in a soothing blue color, the dog has four legs which help in placing the dog on any hard and flat surface quite easily and without any hassle. A no-frill design with clean edges and simple yet accurate architecture makes it any minimalist’s dream come true. Place it anywhere in your house and it not only lights up the area but also raises the style quotient of your interiors significantly. The cherry on the cake is the almost feather-light weight of the device which enables you to pick it up and shift it around the house very conveniently.

Just like a real dog you can pet this one too, but instead of wagging its tail, this Dog Lamp is going to do something a little different than a real dog. The petting motion on the top of the “head” of the lamp initiates the on/off motion which can be done whenever you wish to switch the lamp on or off. Petting the head of the lamp also changes the intensity of the light which can be varied as per your need and choice. And if your mood suggests a little different kind of light around, a little swinging motion to its neck can change the scene around. From bright to dim, from somber to vivacious, this one lamp has the capacity to not only change your environment but also change your whole mood.

If you feel you have had enough of those traditional lamps and if your house (or your heart!) is screaming for a change, then look no further than the Dog Lamp. While you are nose deep in work or studies, a mere glance at your loyal companion is going to be enough to cheer you up. Affordable, light-weight, and unique designing, there isn’t anything more that you can possibly wish for when you are looking to buy a lamp. With such appealing and attractive features on the resume, the Dog Lamp is truly a man’s best friend. It is priced at $289.

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