Adorable Gadgets Make Office Life Bearable

Yay – another day at the office.  However will you make it through the mundane activities that await and why do you even come to this awful place at all? Besides, of course, the inconvenient fact that if you don’t show up on the other days you don’t get to come for payday, which is such a total bummer. You’ve tried talking to your coworkers in order to be entertained and accordingly soothed. When you don’t get in trouble for doing so, however, they are just plain boring(sorry coworkers!), and you can never really shake the odd sensation of inefficiency during such conversations. Maybe your desk actually is the best place for you … Some super cute gadgets should be sure to make you smile, though, which is a lovely inefficint way to pass the time at the office …

Robotic Chick

This baby chicken is in dire need of your love. It desperately desires to be near you and wants your utmost attention. This fluffy little piece of adorable robotic ingenuity will flap his wings and chirp everyday for $29.99. However, if he gets lonely, he will become fussy and begin to cry like the sky is falling. This Robotic Chick may be little but he will surely bring a big smile to your face. Your coworkers will love him and he may even soften your boss up just barely enough to say yes to that very well timed question concerning your promotion and/or raise. Here is a life-size baby fowl that can keep you company in your office, and is he just waiting for you to rescue him from some warehouse somewhere!

Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles

Candles are a lovely way to set the mood for serenity, but they can be a bit of a fire hazard at the office and, thus, are generally frowned upon at work, which is quite unfortunate. If you, like many others, highly desire the seemingly unattainable office ambiance that candles can provide, there is now a simple solution for this heartbreaking woe: TheBi-Color LED  Blow On-Off Candles light up and flicker out when you blow on them! No more worries of open flames, sprinkler systems, overzealous coworkers wielding fire extinguishers, or even eventual termination for starting such a fiasco. So, now you can seduce coworkers of interest with finesse! These cute gadgets are cool enough for every desk to benefit from having them! Prices range from $11.99-$14.99.

Mini Donut Factory

They may expect you to make coffee in the morning at the office, but do they also expect delicious miniature donuts to accompany this brew? They will definitely thank you! You don’t have to make them all the time – just when those associates are of yours are being extra nice to you. The Mini Donut Factory, which only costs $19.99, makes six mini donuts in only four minutes, so good deeds need not go unrewarded. Immediate positive reinforcement is arguably the most effective training method in order to achieve the desired long-term effects of conditioning. You don’t even need to feel guilty about contributing to poor eating habits, because you can use whatever batter you like to make healthy donuts! Similarly, you can roll them in whatever glaze you prefer. If you’re not afraid to be creative you have never have to serve the same donut twice!

Mini Cupcake Factory

Continue to share the edible super cuteness with your coworkers! This Mini-Cupcake Factory, just $19.99, works for all cake mixes and makes seven cupcakes, which should be enough to give your favorite crew a sweet snack for a simple celebration. You can always find a reason to celebrate! These mini cupcakes won’t let you overdo it, either. Share the yummy happiness often, in order to maintain a tranquil office environment.

Mini Business Card File Cabinet

The Mini Business Card File Cabinet can adorn your desk as it holds up to 500 business cards for only $12.99.  It will look so adorable in your office that business cards seem really just a pleasant excuse to have one of these cute contraptions. Who doesn’t love tiny little furniture that makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland after drinking the enlarging potion? This item is not so novel as to be impractical, though. True, nowadays it is easy to store contact information in your phone or such, but this file cabinet ensures that you always have a back-up available!

So, now you have an adorable office pet and some candles to maintain your serenity. Your coworkers are sweetly fed and love you. Plus, you should never lose another phone number again. Maybe work isn’t so bad, after all …