Recycled Floppy Disk Mini Notebook: Retro Geek Chic

Do you keep little notebooks with you all the time to keep a record of everything happening round the clock? If need something for a quick record then keeping this Recycled Geek Gear Blank Floppy Disk Mini Notebook in your purse or bag will do wonders for you!Recycled Floppy Disk Mini Notebook 1

This cute black thing is made using the extinct floppy disks and their resemblance as the front and back covers simply makes the geek in you stand out, showing your appreciation for the floppy disk, which faithfully stored all your data back then.

Recycled Floppy Disk Mini Notebook 2

This adorable black Floppy Disk Book is spiral bound and has 45 sheets of recycled writing paper for all your little notes and records and if you’ve used them all, no need to worry, simply add a pad of post-its to the inside and you can use this book forever.

Recycled Floppy Disk Mini Notebook 3

This Floppy Disk book can be carried with ease due to its small size and will effortlessly fit in your pocket, purse or backpack and anytime you need a quick notebook all you’ll need to do is flip this remarkable creation out and show the world your creative geekiness.

Recycled Floppy Disk Mini Notebook 4

This pretty black book is up for just $5.50 and serves a much larger purpose than its size. Impress your friends, family and world with this creation and launch yourself on the forefront of geekiness!

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Via: Etsy