Pop Up Books: An Eye ‘Popping’ Experience.

The book world has moved to the dark side: The 3D side following their motion picture contemporaries like Alice in Wonderland, Despicable Me! etcetera. The pioneer, which will probably be responsible for a domino effect is this beautiful collection of Pop Up Books named, ‘Il Etait Une Fois’ which translates to mean, ‘Once Upon A Time’ by the very talented and not to mention artistic illustrator Benjamin Lacombe with paper pop-up construction design by Jose Pons.

Pop Up Books (2)

What makes this collection of books so different that shatters and redefines our conventional run of the mill perception of what books are ‘supposed’ to look like are the spectacularly beautiful and stunning illustrations from eight classic fairy tales: Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Bluebeard, Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, Madame Butterfly, and Thumbelina. These 3D illustrations are a combination of mechanical and technical prowess that have been artistically designed, and appear to be the most visually pleasing books which are sure to enchant children and draw them to books like never before. It will also be a wonderful collectors’ item for adults who can appreciate beauty. In these stories, the images appear almost life-like and radiate with this exuberant energy like the scenes with Alice and the Red Queen, Pinocchio and his nose popping out of the page, and a stunning Madame Butterfly illustration.

Pop Up Books (3)

These books are truly worth owning because each promises that with the turn of each page, you will be getting a 3D movie experience!

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