Moleskine Pacman Notebooks: Pacman In Print!

Pacman, the historically famous video game that has gained so much popularity since its inception three decades ago is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  And what better way to pay tribute to this iconic game than with the Moleskine Pacman Notebooks!Moleskine Pac Man Notebooks 2

There is no better way to pay your respects to the game full of mazes and packed with evil enemies with double syllabic names like Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde than through these adorable Moleskine notebooks. Scheduled to be released in October itself by Moleskine, it will include a five piece gorgeous assortment of pocket and hardcover notebooks, both plain and ruled and a very colorful set of four large cover Volant soft cover notebooks in four different colors (yellow, blue, fuchsia, red) with an embossed, silver Pacman icon in each notebook in a celebrative, attractive packaging along with mini stickers and exclusive cover art! While the pocket notebooks are embossed with imagery symbolic of the historic game, like Pacman, ghost characters, and scrumptious fruits the larger notebooks are embossed with a glossy book sized replica of the infamous Pacman screen.  That’s not all. To help you reminisce, the back of each notebook features classic video game lines like “Game Over”, “High Score” and “Insert Coin”. These super cool notebooks also include a scary ghost printed inside the cover as well as decorative sticker inserts for the whole Pacman experience. If you think this isnt enough, pay more tribute to the game with Pacman Craft and Pacman Shower Curtains.

Moleskine Pac Man Notebooks

For just 10-20$ per notebook, it’s a steal. Hurry though, because these are limited edition notebooks!

Via: HolyCool