Vintage Pac Man Shower Curtains To Lighten Up Your Bathroom

Shower curtains are practical,  but they hardly ever depict awesome scenes every Gamer love and cherish. Well, brace yourselves for a new trend, The Pac Man Shower Curtains!

An artist who goes by the name of GreatfulThread on Etsy designed a shower curtain to “bring out the kid in all of us.” And truly, in today’s hectic pace, we need to be reminded of that. To be honest, I never knew I would find anything this interesting in the Bathroom Decor Section of Etsy’s handmade goods…

pacman shower curtain

This genius creation is made from a vintage Pac Man bed sheet, with a coordinating set of towels on request. The Pac Man Bath Set comes lined with a cotton shower curtain liner so that the vintage bed sheet would not be damaged by the bathrooms dampness. It also makes it strong and sturdy.  It has holes at the top for shower rings, making it easy to set up in the allocated shower area, and is washer and dryer safe. The Shower Curtain measures 73 inches high and 67 inches wide. The Pac Man shower curtain was added to etsy shop on the 22 August for $100 and only one curtain was listed, so hurry up and order it before someone else does!

A second Pac Man curtain was also spotted over on Hawtymcbloggy, but this set comes complete with a lined shower curtain, a pair of Pac Man hand towels and two terry cloth bath towels. The entire bathroom set was also hand made from vintage Pac Man bed sheets and for $145 USD the entire themed set can be yours. This is truly a bargain, considering the work that went into to, but also: It is Pac Man! The only drawback from owning a bathroom set like this is that you might use your shower time to play Pac Man on the back of curtain, instead of actual showering… That is, we will use our imagination and shower curtains to play Pac Man until such time when shower curtains are made of flexible, water proof LCD screens to make the entire personal hygiene routine so much more pleasurable. Either that, or just go for the cherry.

vintage pacman shower curtain

Pac Man is and always will be the ultimate game, and for other Pac Man related articles, why not read more about Pacman Scarves, the Pacman Mug or the Pacman Tie.

Via: Walyou