Pacman Scarf: Create Your Own Style Statement

For all those Pacman fans out there, here’s good news. Irrespective of whether you are fashion conscious or not, you can now keep yourself warm by wrapping these Pacman Scarves and making a style statement – all at the same time!



Thanks to the creativity of Kayluh Alison, you too can now knit the Pacman characters into a scarf and use it either to fend off cold or decorate the interior walls of your abode.


As you can see here, the entire arcade game of Pacman with many of the characters come alive in the Pacman scarf. So, not only do you find Pacman proceeding through the maze, feasting on the pac-dots, but also notice the blue and red colored ghosts!


So, what are you waiting for? Get your knitting needles ready to create your own Pacman scarf, complete with a personal touch that speaks a lot about your innovative and fertile mind!


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