Sundial Ring: The Multi-Purpose Piece of Jewelry

You may be a gadget freak. You may be obsessed with being current by buying up-to-date technology. Whatever the case may be, you have to appreciate the sheer awesomeness that is the Sundial Ring. This Masterpiece is not only a brilliant example that technology based on simplicity is the most reliable, but it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry as well!

Sundial Ring The Multi-Purpose Piece of Jewelry. 2

A sundial ring measures time by the position of the Sun and, unlike some expensive watch, the sundial ring will never fail you because it does not run on batteries, or electricity or any technology! The Sundial Ring is older than technology itself, first showing up in 1152 when Eleanor of Aquitaine gifted it to her beloved Henry II to remind him to be punctual for their love trysts. The Sundial Ring has traveled through time and is now available.

It’s made of solid pewter and bronze, and measures approximately 1.3 inches in diameter. The ring is actually composed of two separate rings, one inlaid into the other with a hole drilled into the outermost ring. To use it, you must suspend the sundial by its chord on a sunny day, and through the hole, a ray of sunlight will illuminate a number corresponding with the time of the day. You can even tell the month of the year, by rotating the outer-ring to correspond with the time of the year stamped on the inside of the ring! Though, it won’t give you a fresh feeling like the Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch.

Sundial Ring The Multi-Purpose Piece of Jewelry.

Buy the Sundial-Ring at $34.99 and own the prettiest, most practical piece of jewelry!

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