Creative Wall Cabinet by Misha Kahn

Modern furniture designers are thinking out of the box to create some stunning and creative stuff for geek homes.  The best part of these designs is that they are very practical and tailor-made to suit one’s needs. But Misha Kahn’s creative wall cabinet design beats them all because this wall cabinet’s sections are actually cut out according to the shape and size of the things that need to go in there.  So things fit it in perfectly just like a jigsaw puzzle.

misha kahn wall cabinet1

Apparently, Misha Kahn cut out shapes of things and made them all fit to a curious thought bubble. This freak experiment has also created an awesome art piece too for when the cabinet is empty, it simply looks like an artistic piece of décor.

misha kahn wall cabinet2

This creative wall cabinet is 7 feet by 6 inches tall which means it will look stunning in any urban space.  I am sure this will inspire many to create their own wall units but it is certainly not a simple task. Only a professional expert can make a bizarre shape stand in perfect balance.

misha kahn wall cabinet3

Misha Kahn has created space for plant, books, stuffed toys, and a thoughtful tiny niche for cute dolls too. It is a bold and brilliant idea!

If you find this too bizarre for your taste then do take a look at Wha Cabinet and Paper Darwin Chair. Yes, you will be convinced that these are all contemporary, yet futuristic designs. It’s time to change your conventional furniture.

Via: If It’s Hip It’s Here