Wha Cabinet Puts the “Wha” in “What’s That?”

The recently designed Wha Cabinet incorporates a unique shelving design and a lamp into one strangely cool product.


Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev the Wha Cabinet is appropriately named, since its design resembles a question mark.  The surfaces appear to be laminated black wood.  The shelves angle as if a traditional shelving unit has been simply bent over – or maybe wilted.  In other words, there’s a definite Alice in Wonderland appeal to these shelves.

The “top” of the shelves also doubles as a lamp, taking advantage of the angle produced by the curved portion of the shelves.  The shelves themselves are backlit with red, yellow, green, and blue lights that add a little ambiance to whatever room you’ve situated this unit in.

In my honest opinion the colored backlighting is the only thing I find not-as-cool about this product.  The colors seem just a little bit too much for this product, giving the whole thing a psychedelic look that leans (pun intended) towards lava lamps, black lights and blasting Grateful Dead tracks.

Now, if that’s your sort of thing I could see why you might be interested in the Wha Cabinet.  I assume that the backlight can be turned on and off, so I guess I don’t have too much to complain about.  I do like the way that the shelves are angled inside the cabinet creating an interesting option for storage solutions.  For those who are interested in taking things a slightly geekier route, the Disco Chair, the Paper Darwin Chair and the Cupcake Table make for great eye-candy.

All in all I’m pretty impressed with this concept — I think they’d be a cool addition to any living room – especially “framing” a couch or an entertainment center.  That said, I’m not certain if the Wha Cabinet is only oriented in the shape of a question mark, or if there is a version that looks like a backwards question mark.  Maybe the mirror-image shelving is called the Ahw – because it would be soooo adorable.


Via: Walyou