Breathable Chocolate to Help You Crave Less

Ever dreamt of a stick that could drive your craving for chocolate away in the middle of the night? Well, your dream has now taken the shape of reality in the form of a stick!

This new development will not push you to activate your taste buds or jaws but will call for something that you do every sec: breathe! Yes! A number of stores across UK are indulging in the sale of “La Whif” breathable chocolate sticks that are exclusively manufactured to drive away the ever-existing chocolate craving in you.

Existing in about three chocolate (plain, raspberry and mint) and one coffee flavor, you do not have to bite, chew or swallow the chocolate, instead you just have to inhale it. The chocolate stick is in the form of a lipstick-style tube inhaler, which allows coffee or chocolate addicts to breathe in the flavor. The sticks have all the flavor of the original products but do not contain the calories that would be present in the original products. Therefore, these breathable chocolate and coffee sticks are healthy and effective. They are also effective in delivering the actual taste of a chocolate without deporting even one calorie. The Coffee flavor of the breathable stick is efficient enough to provide the taste of a small shot of expresso without delivering much of caffeine and calories.

The most fascinating aspect of the breathable stick is that just one stick can provide up to 7 or 8 inhalations, which denotes that the customer can use the stick every time until the 8th time to drive away his or her craving for coffee or chocolate.

If you are someone who enjoys eating the chocolate as it is traditionally eaten, the breathable chocolate is not something you would want to try. However, it is a good alternative to calorie building products like a standard bar of chocolate or cup of coffee. The customers need not worry about the entering of the particles into the lungs, as they are too large to poke into the crucial organ. For chocolate lovers who have been procrastinating their decision to cutting down chocolate consumption, the breathable chocolate stick is the right option, as it will not make you fat.

Available at a very cheap price, the chocolate stick has come out to be designated as “different” and “working”. All it takes is some time and effort to purchase the stick, place one end of the stick to your lips, and inhale gently. With the invention of the breathable stick, the new question is: why drink coffee when you can inhale it? Skipping a cup in the morning need not be a cause for worry as long as you have the breathable coffee stick. It is quick and easy!

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Via: Shinyshiny