This Ice Cream Cone Fan is Too Hard To Resist

Design adds color to life. It gives a new dimension to our feelings and emotions. Even a minor modification in a simple day-to-day used product can bring about a smile on ones face. And this holds true in case of children as well as grown ups. Take for example a small product like a hand held pocket fan.

A fresh new design for a pocket fan is on the shelves and this little thing tickles the child hidden deep inside all of us. Probably it was the child in the designer that thought about this ice-cream cone shaped fan. In the true colors of an ice-cream, the fan can manage to bluff anyone for a split second, but the fan blades attached to the cream portion give away its true identity. The ice cream cone fan has a very simple mechanism that you would find in any other pocket fan and requires 2 AA batteries. Since the batteries are included you can use it straight out of the box.

Ice Cream Cone Fan

The product might be just a fan, but at the same time concern has been given to a customer’s personal choice of flavor. You can choose from among the three most popular flavors – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. However, make sure you control yourself and try not to lick it. The foam blades will not hurt you physically but you might cause heads to turn. The foam blades make the product absolutely safe for children as well.

Ice cream has been everybody’s favorite since ages. It is this love for ice-cream that inspires products to be designed around it. The ice cream fan may be the latest entrant but at some point of time we have all come across some or the other product resembling an ice cream shape. Erasers, ice cream cone guns, bubble solutions in ice cream cone shaped jars, an ice-cream cone punch, cone shaped timers, jewelry, containers and the list goes on. If noticed closely, the range of products are not only for children but equally for adults as well. After all, you do not need to be a child to enjoy ice cream.

The ice cream cone fan is one ice cream shaped product that performs part of its primary function – like a real ice cream this one too cools you down. But the best part is that this cooling is achieved without gaining a single calorie. A completely zero calorie ice cream, what more do you need? Enjoy one whole scoop of ice cream minus calories. Best part…it is only $7.99.

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