LightBug Color Changing Night Lamp for Lifting Spirits

Beautiful ladybugs attract alot of attention all over the world and it is evident through the rhymes, cartoons, games and artwork inspired by the red and black spotted beetle. Singapore based designer Gaen Koh has designed an awesome LightBug color changing night lamp inspired by this bug to add color and cheer to the room. The lamp looks exactly like the ladybug but it hides amazing light in the belly and illuminates the room in different colors depending on the mood.

lightbug color changing lamp1

According to the designer this LightBug colors of the light can be changed to manipulate moods of the kids and insomniacs. The different color light it emanates is soothing enough to relax children and people before sleeping. The ladybug inspired LightBug is indeed magical and very cute and will add cheer even if it is not lighted.

lightbug color changing lamp2

Sometimes the ambience makes a lot of difference and can manipulate moods and minds. The LightBug lamp can lift wings to reflect different shades and colors. One can play some music in such soothing light and drift into sleep after a long working day. These lamps are ideal for any modern home or will also look awesome in children’s room too.

lightbug color changing lamp3

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Via The Design Blog