Recreate Starry Night Sky with Twilight Lady Bug and Turtle Night Lights

Everyone has fond memory of first visit to planetarium and it is an awe-inspiring experience to behold starry night recreated on the artificial dome. Well, geeks can actually recreate starry night sky on the bed room ceilings with simple Twilight Lady Bug and Turtle Night Lights.

Twilight lady bug night light1

These colorful Lady Bug and Turtle Night projection lights can create magical constellations and stars on the ceilings to give a real feel of the starry universe where we belong.

Twilight lady bug night light2

The biggest drawback of living in an urban zone is that there is far too much light pollution which spoils the night sky view. The sky watchers have to trudge beyond city lights to behold starry nights and teach children about the planets and stars that make up the incredible universe. These Twilight projection lights can recreate the starry night ambience right inside the room.

Twilight turtle night light1

The Twilight Lady Bug and Twilight Turtle Night Lights can project star in three colors of blue, green and soft amber which are soothing to the eye.  These cute looking lights give full night sky projection and the kit includes star guide, sleep timer and 3 AAA batteries. The Twilight Lady Bug Light is 12” x 8” x 5” in size and costs Get what you’re looking for at $34.95 while Turtle Night Light is 12.75” x 8” x 5” and runs for the same price of Get what you’re looking for at $34.95 as well as being made of polyester and plastic.

Twilight turtle night light2

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