Bring Home a Robot Plant to Liven Up Your Interiors

If you have always wanted to get a dash of greenery in your room but haven’t done so for the effort that it takes to care for a plant, the robot plant from Pekoppa would serve as the ideal choice. Imported from Japan, these artificial plants have muscle wires that help them respond to your voice. So, when you talk to the Pekoppa, it responds by bobbing and nodding.


What’s more, its responses differ based on the how your voice tone is going up and down. The Pekoppa is based on the nodding theory as developed by the research of Dr. Tomio Watanabe. Dr Watanabe stresses the importance of nonverbal communication like facial expressions and nodding.


So, the Pekoppa can nod in different ways and even change its response based on the variations in your voice tone. The more you talk to your robot plant, the more it appears to understand what you wish to communicate. So, if you are bored with your loneliness, this Pekoppa can offer you the much needed companionship for only $25.

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Via: ThinkGeek