Brighten your Interiors with this Floor Plant Lamp Design

In a world filled with geek toys, the floor plant perhaps is the best in terms of both aesthetics as well as utility. A truly unusual creation, this adds beauty to every home it adorns. The floor plant is essentially a floor lamp, which is designed in the form of a plant.

floor plant

This lamp by Djordje Cukanovic ChuDes is available in four different colors of black, blue, green and light pink, and comes complete with a pot at the bottom, which is the base of the lamp shade. There is a stem too that has a leaf like structure to make it look authentic.

floor plant-1

Arising from the side of the stem like rod is the provision for the lamp, which is again covered with a shade, making it appear like a flower. Little floral prints cover the lamp shade to give it a plant like look. If you are a plant lover but really do not have the time or energy to take care of them, this is a great alternative.

floor plant-3

Not only does it provide light in the room but it also gives an appearance of having a plant to brighten your interiors.

floor plant-4

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