Wake up in style with this Animal Alarm Clock

With lots to do and only 24 hours in the day, it has become imperative that we use an alarm clock to get out of the bed in time. Though chucking your much desired afternoon siesta or getting out of bed in the wee hours may often seem like a daunting task, you can actually look forward to listening to the alarm bell if you replace your aging digital alarm clock with this cute, little Animal Alarm Clock.

Animal Alarm Clock - Pig

With the Animal Alarm Clock by your bed side, you can look forward to a cute greeting pose in the morning by simply adjusting its limbs to create the pose. In case you need something more adorable, you will be happy to know that the head of this Animal Alarm Clock can double as a photo clip or memo. So, go ahead and put your cherished photographs or humorous, interesting memos so that you instantly get in a good mood the moment you open your eyes and cast a glance on your Animal Alarm Clock.

Animal Alarm Clock - Dog

Measuring 4.5″x4″, the Animal Alarm Clock is made of plastic and metal, and comes in two colors and shapes that you can purchase for $14.95. So, you may either choose the white and gray dog clock or pick the pink colored pig shaped one. You also get a battery (SR41) with the purchase of each such clock.

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