Equalizer T-Shirt Comes with a Graphic Equalizer

Fashion Trend is spreading its wings in every other way you can think of. So far T-shirts have been telling your moods and choices with faces, emotions, words and figures. But this amazing T-shirt is an example of perfect insanity with a graphic equalizer in its chest. The most interesting part of it is its gleaming LED graphic equalizer, which is not just an image.

T-Equalizer T-Shirt

T-Equalizer, as it has been named is not the one with just only a picture. It has an electro luminescent type graphic equalizer and reacts to music. To be very frank, the technology lies within a pack of mini battery cleverly hidden. This hidden pack of battery works as the source of power for the illuminating equalizer.

This hi-tech T-shirt is just perfect for club goers or if you are set to go for the disco or a party and runs for only £17.95. This catching T-shirt is definitely going to give a shock to every eye with the beats of the music. The darker is the place and louder the music, the more effective is the equalizer on your chest. Be the heart of the floor next time when you go to a disco or a party with this amazing hi-tech T-Equalizer T-shirt. For more such fashionable illuminating collection of dresses, check out with the Carbon Dioxide Dress and the PolyPhotonix OLED Dress.