No Spout and Handle for this Teapot Concept!

Be it a tech gadget or a simple eggbeater in your kitchen, a piece of furniture or clothing accessory, there isn’t anything whose configuration has not been touched by science magnates or ace designers. Well, looks like a makeover for our conventional teapot too was long overdue. The Tea Pot Design by Martin Ortiz does the needful, by parting the traditional kettle look with a spout and handle and embodying a design new to human race.

Tea Pot Concept
Well, I can’t figure out how this tea pot is going to cater to your morning caffeine needs. There are some Chinese letters painted on its sides in green and black color which probably spell out ancient tea formula. Or this could just be an effort of the designer to experiment with the shape and toss out a non-functional concept. For Chinese themed interiors, this could be a nice souvenir to fill up spaces.

Tea Pot Concept2
Like the fate of most artistic designs, we don’t have any information on its availability and price. It’s interesting to see a teapot give up the kettle look and a humidifier borrowing it for a renovation like in Mint Humidifier. If you are interested in bizarre kitchen gadgets, check the Pastasauras Pasta Server and Screwed Up Salt and Pepper Shakers.