Serve Noddles the Easy Way with Pastasauras Pasta Servers

Interesting Kitchen accessories with great designs and utility can zing up any cooking place. The Pastasauras Pasta server donned with prehistoric animal heads is a fun kitchen utility that makes serving slippery spaghetti noodles a breeze. Owing to its amusing look, the children would love helping themselves with noodles without putting their moms through any trouble.


The ergonomically designed handle coupled with teeth-baring edges on both sides makes whisking noodles easier. Since whisking noodles with a fork and spoon can sometimes betray you, this cute utilitarian serving tool would give a better spaghetti night experience.  It is made from home-made plastic and runs 13 inches long to make sure your hands maintain a safe distance from the hot noodles. It is available for around $8 and definitely makes up as a great gifting idea for women.
Having out-of-the-box kitchen accessories makes cooking a delightful experience and garners a word of appreciation from guests too. For more on such cooking gadgets, check out the Innovative Salt and Pepper Shaker Umbrellas, Ketchup and Mustard Gun and the Cute Lady Grater for Perfectly Grated Veggies.