Innovative and Tech Oriented ChapStick Design Concepts

If you have heard about the ChapStick lip balms, you will surely love these gadgets that draw inspiration from the packaging of those lip balms. The GlowStick flashlight packaged in ChapStick tube comes with an LED and a single battery. So, you can carry this small GlowStick easily and take it to anywhere, thanks to its tiny size.


To put the light on, you will simply need to twist the bottom part (pretty much like the lip balms themselves), which in turn removes the translucent plastic part that has the LED installed in it and makes it turn on.


To switch off the battery, simply reverse the twist.


As this product is not yet manufactured by any company, you will have to create it yourself in case you are yearning to have your own GlowStick.


Next in list is the MindStick from Mintpass which works pretty much like the GlowStick and differs from it slightly by way of its plastic design that houses the light-emitting diode (LED).


If you are looking for something different than the LEDs, take a look at the ScentStick that would make you smell better with its liquid scent contained in a glass tube and packaged like the popular ChapStick lip balms.


What’s more, if you don’t like the smell of the perfume that comes in the glass tube, you are free to refill the same with a perfume of your choice and smell exactly the way that you want to.


Last on the list is a SharpStick, which can come handy to fend off mischief mongers as a sharp blade pops out immediately the moment you take off the lid. Packaged once again like the ChapStick lip balms, this gadget can even be used for cutting tapes and envelopes, not to mention acting as you own tiny and effective bodyguard.

If you want some more innovative DIY designs, take a look at the glowing dinosaur lamps or the Moomin Valley kit.