Moomin Valley DIY Kit Will Turn Your Home Into The Trolls’ New Moomin-Land!

Finnish author Tove Jannson’s Moomin series recounting the adventures of the lovable family of furry trolls started out as a comic book for children and has grown to become a Japanese-Finnish animated series over the past few decades. Taking a completely humane and slightly Shrek-ish look at the lives of trolls long before Disney made ogres look cute, the tales of the Moomins and their magical land in Moominvalley have something for everyone.

moomin diy kit

The best thing about these fuzzy trolls is that they will not only increase kids’ love of reading but will introduce them to a host of emotions and teach them some much required lessons of life. Some of the characters almost seem to be the incarnation of great philosophers like Nietzsche with the wisdom they have to impart! Whether you’ve been in love with these fabulous trolls or not, D-Torso’s DIY model Moomin Valley kit will certainly appeal to every girl. You could opt for Moomintroll or the pretty girl troll Floren and the difficulty level of assembling the pieces makes this a quite ideal gift for a little girl (no more worrying what to give your niece this Christmas)!

Each Moomin Valley kit costs $41. The downside is that the manual is in Japanese but I know that won’t stop any DIY fan from getting their hands on this piece. After all, a lack of instructions has never stopped a girl from setting off into a journey of fantasies.

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