Soft-Shell Hoodie with Custom Made Soft Keypad For iPod Addicts

It might be just too late for holiday shopping and most of geeks are on their way to holiday destinations but yet if anyone is still looking for geeky stuff to beat the chill and look cool then take a look at this Soft-shell hoodie with custom made iPod Soft keypad. This is truly techno fashion line to tread this christmas if you have an iPod and are a true music lover.

Softshell Hoodie with iPod Keypad

World is becoming totally geeky and techno fashion will soon become a norm. This jacket is uniquely geeky for many reasons – one can keep iPod inside one of the pockets and control it using the Skullcandy custom made soft keypad near waistline on the front of the jacket, it is connected to the earphones inside hoodie internally and it is made of Soft-shell technology that keeps out wind and moisture. So this winter just seal yourself in this geek jacket, forget the cold world and entertain yourself for a change using your iPod and easy navigation keys of the keypad on the hoodie. Don’t feel sad if you are feeling ignored in holiday parties, you can ignore the world too by keeping yourself warm and happy inside these jackets. This awesome trendy jacket costs only $179.95.

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Via: Talk2MyShirt