Make Your Vehicle Theft-Proof with these Temporary Stickers

If you are worried about your precious car or bike being stolen, take heart for there is a cost-effective way to fend off those thieves who have set their eyes on your precious possession. Kudos to the innovative mind of Dominic Wilcox who created these temporary stickers!


Perhaps you too would agree that car and bike thieves often do not bother to cast a second glance on scratched and rusted vehicles, which are poor siblings of their bright and gorgeous, just-out-of-the-showroom counterparts.


These temporary stickers on clear paper, each costing £3.99, make full use of this psychology.


Once you paste these rust and scratch stickers on your bike or car, your vehicle will immediately get an apparent look of shabbiness, which in turn will keep the thieves away as they won’t find it worth stealing.


So, if you want to keep your precious possession safe without shelling out a fortune, order these rust and scratch stickers today. If you place orders for 3 or more such stickers, you get to enjoy free delivery, irrespective of your location!

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Via: Walyou