The Talking Flower Pot

I always loved those cartoons in which the potted plants would have flowers which would smile and talk all the time. It seems it is happening for real too, since Mintpass has showcased the talking flower pot, which talks about whatever the plant needs.

flower pot

flower pot indicators

Plants need as much attention as babies do, the only difference is that they don’t run from one place to another ever! Babies scream and cry when they need something, now you can have your plants making such demands when they need attention through the talking flower pot. You can not only place your precious sapling into this flower pot, but also download all the information or the ‘bio-data’ of that plant species, based on which the flower pot voices the needs of the plant.

flower pot talking

The talking flower pot has a soil moisture sensor, a moisture alert lamp, a light sensor, sunlight level indication lamp, a temperature sensor and speakers. It can also play music for the plant to enhance plant growth. It is a perfect addition to the new age home.

flower pot USB

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flower pot music