Enjoy the Slider Wall Art

If you have always loved those little sliding puzzles that you used to get during your childhood and have yearned to get back to those days when you could enjoy playing them, the Jellio Slider Wall Art is here to grant your wish.

Jellio Slider Wall Art-1

Made of sliding pieces that are attached to an acrylic frame and measuring 4″ high x 24″ wide x 3/4″ deep in its dimensions, this handmade sliding puzzle can let you display the letters and play with them.

Jellio Slider Wall Art-2

You may even mix the letters for a different kind of fun or get your chosen pictures mounted on the frame by going for a customized slider.

Jellio Slider Wall Art-3

At a price tag of $750, the Jellio Slider Wall Art would be the perfect gift for birthdays or anniversaries. You may even get your own piece and it will surely become the center of conversation among your guests once they lay their eyes on this magnificent piece.

Jellio Slider Wall Art-4

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