A Cute Bird Macbook Decal

Laptops were designed to be used on the go, and thus computers which occupied an entire room several decades ago can now be carried around just as easily as you would carry your cellphone. With time, laptops have become so advanced that a couple of decades ago no one could have imagined so much of processing power could be stashed inside a thin notebook like gadget.

little birdie laptop  sticker1

Though laptops are extremely convenient, they still need to be protected from scratches and abrasions, and that is perhaps why laptop decals came into being. While most decals are either too boring or geeky, the ones who are aesthetically inclined could go ahead and get themselves one of these beautiful Notebook/Laptop decals by ArtConductor at Etsy, who has lovely prints of birds. These decals would turn your laptop/notebook into a work of art. Take a look at other interesting covers to protect your laptop – My Document Laptop Sleeve and Keyboard Skins for Laptops And Apple Notebooks.

little birdis laptop sticker2.jpg

In case you like the decals too much, you could also paste them on your car or house windows, many surfaces like wood, metal, mirrors and also on textured walls. The Bird Laptop/Notebook Computer Decal sells for $9 and the prints look really lovely.