Two Sided Triangle LED Watch

Now this is what we call a fashionable and chic LED watch. The design was submitted by Leuenberger Stephane from Switzerland and according to her, she focused more on creating a watch that is fashionably attractive instead of being technically attractive like most of the LED watches.

Stephane describes her inspiration by saying that 12 and 9 are multiples of 3 which is the main reason why she went for a triangular shape. And like we said earlier, she wanted the watch to look an elegant fashionable watch instead of looking like a Star Trek gadget.

The watch is double-sided meaning both the front and the back can display time. One side is pink in color while the other is green. I completely agree that the watch looks like a fashion accessory and that’s the best part about it. All you girls out there, listen up – you won’t need to wear a hefty watch ever again once this one is out!

This watch, like most of the LED watches, has an alarm, lights, and can show time. Although reading time on it is a bit difficult, once you get acquainted with it, it won’t be a problem I am sure. Another great thing about the watch is that the straps can be changed. You can use the dial (two triangles with the bridge in between) on any strap of your choice. That’s why we call it a fashion accessory. You can make it suit with any of your outfit.

Another great factor that I personally like about this watch is the fact that even though it is a watch, it doesn’t look like one. Once you have it on your wrist, it would appear to others as a fashionable band instead of an LED watch. Isn’t that fun? Imagine, your mates ask you what time is it and you look at your watch (which they think of as a band) and tell them the time. They would be amused, and you would be proud and all smiling. That’s why Stephane created this one – to make all the ladies proud!

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