The USB Wine Bottle Speaker: Wine Available To The Masses!

It looks like wine. Maybe it’s the world famous Bordeaux, or the expensive Sauvignon? This product is actually better than wine and way cooler too! That’s right, the USB Wine Bottle Speaker has nothing to do with wine, and is a perfect example of technology that is ingenious, not to mention hilariously pretentious all at the same time!

The USB Wine Bottle Speaker

The USB Wine Bottle Speaker, as the name suggests, is actually a speaker that deceptively looks like a wine bottle. It is perfectly capable of reading your USB Flash Drive, and functions as a speaker for your MP3 Player or your PC by playing audio files. It also includes some essential features like an FM Radio with tiny buttons for playing and shifting tracks and radio stations, as well as a built-in Memory Card Reader that will enable you to read SD and MMC cards. Unlike its alcoholic counterpart, this little treat does not only come with a miracle bottle. It comes with a 3.5mm audio port which allows you to attach your iPod or MP3 Player, a remote control, 3.5mm audio cable, a USB charging cable, and a stand. The USB Wine Bottle Speaker is powered by an internal, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery which will ensure that all you music lovers will enjoy your music without having to worry about being low on battery or “reserves”.

The USB Wine Bottle Speaker 2

Though it does not look as cute as the i-Mo Resonance Speakers or the i-Jerry Vibration Speaker, the USB Wine Bottle Speaker is sure to last you way longer than that bottle of wine; and unlike wine, will save you hundreds of dollars!

via: geekalerts