Cinematic Zoom LED Watch Breaks Conventionality Subtly

It is very difficult to break conventionality as far as watches are concerned because of their basic functionality. But still, this very fact seems to have thrown a challenge to designers who are designing new watches everyday, not only looking different but also showing time in their own unique ways. Logan has created a new Tokyoflash watch design Cinematic Zoom LED Watch where the display digits are zoomed in and only a part of the number can be seen. It is not so easy to read time.
cinematic zoom led watch1

Apparently, this stunning black watch with zoomed digits has been inspired by cinematic zooms. It is a very stylish LED watch and will look awesome on any wrist. It will surely get a lot of attention. Logan has in fact designed a brilliant conventional LED watch, but the subtle zoomed-in effect, brightly lit red LED digits, which are partially visible increases the overall unconventional appeal of the watch. It is a very creative thought to zoom in on time for a change.

cinematic zoom led watch2

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